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From delicious natural products to health and beauty care to optimal nutrients for your performance, your online smart food store offers everything that contributes to a healthy, fit and happy life. So that you can eat as healthy as you like, we have put together a wide range of high-quality products, which we constantly improve and expand for you. Our expertise is your advantage: are you looking for a superfood store, a low carb store or a supplements store for your fitness or health? Then you have come to the right place. Because our experienced team ensures that you can find exactly the right products for your personal nutritional needs at any time. And with natural products, optimal nutrients and great taste for your health and fitness!


Organic food - Delicious and healthy culinary delights

We pay special attention to natural products and are therefore not only a superfood store, but also your online store for health food. At you will find the best that nature has to offer, often in certified organic quality. For example, discover our all-rounders coconut oil, turmeric or chia seeds, our delicious spreads or berries and fruit, dried or powdered. Convince yourself and you will see that we have the right product for your individual lifestyle. Take a look at our sharp superfood Small Bulk offers from Big Food, the best and most affordable packaging of the BeNeLux


Fitness - Pure Powerfitness

Do you want to stay fit or improve your fitness? In the Supplement Shop of you can easily buy sports food and nutritional supplements online. For example, discover the best proteins from Plantforce or other options such as rice protein and hemp protein, pea proteins as well as protein bars or creatine for your intensive fitness training. Or learn more about the importance of fitness nutrition for your training goal. Our specials and blogs on topics such as muscle building and nutrition or training plans bring you closer to your personal goal!


Health - Active and happy during the day

Regardless of which nutrient you need for your healthy and active lifestyle, our supplements store has everything from vitamin A to omega 3 to zinc. Discover our selection of high quality vitamins such as Vitamin C or Vitamin D. Or discover with the microalgae Chlorella and Spirulina natural nutrients for your daily care. There are also minerals and much more at in rich selection at competitive prices. Or do you suffer from food intolerances? Of course we also have a lot of gluten- and lactose-free products, as well as other products for special diets in our assortment


Vegan and vegetarian diets made easy   vegatarische eiwitbronnen

With useful information and tips we help you get started in the vegetarian diet and the vegan diet and we show you how to eat healthy with vegan products and what to look out for in a vegetarian diet.

For a good overview of vegetable protein sources, we have created a vegan protein page. So you can quickly find out which vegan protein powder suits you best! In our online store you can order your favorite directly next to a number of other products that do not contain animal ingredients!


The special products of Arthur Andrew Medical
arthur Andrew Medical

With the product line of Arthur Andrew Medical we have a special asset. We are the largest seller for BeNeLux and for most of Europe for this specialist brand. The Arthur Andrew Neprinol and the Arthur Andrew Serretia (serrapaptase) you always buy for the best price at, from stock and delivered quickly.

Arthur Andrew Medical makes products where similar brands simply pale when it comes to the dose per capsule, which is often many times higher.


Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar bragg

What should we actually say about this? Bragg is the most special apple cider vinegar available. And where can you buy these better than at the main sales point in the BeNeLux. Already more than 15,000 satisfied customers went before you and bought the Braggs with us and made use of the best prices, the discount advantages, the fastest and best service. Bragg Apple Vinegar is always available from stock and will be shipped the same day so you will have it in the house almost every day.


Environment and health conscious Non-Food products schoonmaakmiddel

Health and healthy living does not stop with the inner man. Healthy living also consciously reflects on the other products that we use in our daily routine. That is why we also have a range of cleaning products that are much less damaging to the environment than the average products that are available in the local supermarket. We sell cleaning products from Lilly's, Dr. Bronner's and Urtekram.

The range includes natural and responsible Dishwashing detergents, All-purpose cleaner, Detergent and fabric softener, Hand soap, degreaser and descaler, toilet cleaner, floor cleaner


PLENT premium products    plent

Our own flagship. Plent products are developed together with an internationally renowned nutritional specialist. He works on commission and together with the very best companies in the food and supplements industry. The PLENT products are the result of this. He collects the best ingredients and products he encounters during his work and quests and we bring this together with a lot of pride to the market under our own label. The result is a product line with very beautiful products of a high quality and because we buy directly at the source we can also offer very sharp prices. We started with the Plent Colostrum, a product that has no competitors in price and clarity. The quality of Surthrival but for a much more advantageous price. In addition to the colostrum, we will soon be offering a Biological Rice protein, organic Pea Protein and a Curcuma with Black Pepper Supplement.

The Big Food Company - BIG FOOD Small Bulk

Big Food, for years a big name among the big small users or the small big user. Big Food is known for their small bulk packaging. Small Bulk packaging is packaging of the most popular (superfood) products, but a bit larger than you are used to at other brands. At Big Food you do not buy the small and relatively expensive packages of 50, 100 or 200 grams but the advantageous larger packages of 350, 500 or even 1kg packaging. Big Food does not make any concessions to the quality but to the price. The highest (organic) quality of products such as cocoa powder, Camu Camu powder, Whey Protein powder, Hemp protein powder, Pea protein, Chlorella and / or Spirulina Powder .. all in very competitively priced small bulk packaging. Why buy an expensive small package a few times if you can also buy the same or even better quality in one go at a very low price if you use it often. Big Food - Small Bulk - Big Deal


Current promotions and discount coupons

Every month you will find unbeatable offers for exclusive special price in our store! In our individual newsletter we regularly inform you about brand new products, current benefits and discounts up to 70%!
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We are for the BeNeLux distributor for the products of Third Wave Nutrition - Plantforce, Arthur Andrew Medical, Algomed Chlorella and the largest supplier of the widely acclaimed Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar)

One by one brands that stand head and shoulders of the rest.

In addition, we are extremely proud of our own brands Plent and The Big Food Company, brands that have no equals in terms of price / quality.